COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis exposed cracks in our society, whether it be economic, healthcare, or education, marginalized people were already falling through beforehand. Plainly, those with means we're able to weather this pandemic much better than those without.

It is essential our county government is transparent and accessible as we work towards recovery. The community must be continuously informed on vaccine schedules, utilization of the American Rescue Plan funds, or how we address the looming education gap with many of the youth in our community missed out on an entire year of schooling.

The pandemic has imposed an untold strain on the finances of many of our county residents. This includes helping to ensure housing for those who are in danger of losing their house or apartment.

Stay at home orders have exacerbated the need to be connected to the internet, whether it be for work, school, medical appointments, or connecting with loved ones.

Public transportation throughout the pandemic was essential for individuals relying on systems to reach necessary services. We must find ways to expand our local public transportation systems throughout our county.