Everyone should have access to health care but in order to achieve this, we must make healthcare affordable. Healthier people lead to healthier communities and a healthier Schenectady. I think it is important that we continue to increase the number of people with health care coverage as well as tracking health measures that are curtailed and specific to our communities. In addition, we should increase our health and prevention programs to make sure we are identifying the needs of our people.

Schenectady County District 1 faces a major loss of healthcare services as Ellis Hospital, the only operating hospital in Schenectady, is undergoing a merger with  St. Peter's Health Partners. The acquisition will cause a major loss in services, including the only dental clinic in the area accepting Medicaid and critical sexual and reproductive health services. The continual consolidation of hospitals and healthcare providers in the community over the past 20 years is concerning.

Everyone deserves to have control over their own bodies. A woman’s right to choose is the epitome of bodily autonomy. No governmental body or other person should be able to take that away. Reproductive healthcare for all is essential. Whether this is the correct form of hormonal birth control or condoms, this again helps with control over one’s life. Additionally, this also means ensuring preventative care and treatments for conditions like PCOS or various reproductive system cancers.