Economic Revitalization and Recovery

It is important we expand our economic development beyond downtown into all our neighborhoods. We must fight to ensure that we are not only growing our thriving downtown but all areas in the county and District 1.

Government Access & Transparency

In order for the government to work best for the people, the people must be able to easily understand what their government is doing, how it helps, and where to find information about it. I will hold regular Town Hall meetings on important legislation and to collaboration between the community and leadership.


Everyone should have access to health care but in order to achieve this, we must make healthcare affordable. I think it is important that we continue to increase the number of people with health care coverage as well as tracking health measures that are cut in our communities, as well as increase our health and prevention programs.

COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis exposed cracks in our society, whether it be economic, healthcare, or education, marginalized people were already falling through beforehand. Plainly, those with means were able to weather this pandemic much better than those without.


Our children are the future of our society. I am ready to come to the table and be a part of the solution to help our students and their families through the difficulties of having an education system that is in distress. I recognize education doesn’t fall within the purview of county government, but the students and the families who live in my district do. It is important our county has access to proper resources for our students to succeed.